Why separate tub wood popularity?


Freestanding wooden bathtub proven and is bang on trend. Why do designers use natural materials in the bathroom and practical advantage that brings with it, learn under.

Free-standing Wooden Bathtub - functional and elegant


Independent timber tub has many advantages - the material keeps the heat of the water for a long period. Manufacturers treatment of wood with particular care for oil, so that it is waterproof. The tank timber can be cleaned very easily and very quickly - usually sufficient for cleaning. It weighs in comparison to the massive concrete structures or at least ceramics and works perfectly in both modern and classic vivid image. What types of wood, but are more suitable for the bathroom? Walnut, maple and oak are often preferred because of their durability. Exotic woods such as red-brown Merbau form a modern setting.

Bath on wooden feet increases the heat factor

Why separate tub wood popularity?

Unique Wood Design Company is specialized in the production of bathroom furniture of the highest quality. Freestanding wooden tub is at the center of the multi-faceted range of products. Various methods of treatment give the matter a sophisticated look shiny. The ergonomic design ensures comfort to the body, while the color of the wood heat worthy in the bathroom spreads. Attractive wood grain details of the individual eye-catcher. Bathtubs are available in two variants - the rectangular shape is modern and is perfect for a minimalist bathroom, while the soft oval shape creates a visual link with the live classic design bathroom.

Unique Wood Design was founded in 1979. The family, which specializes in the construction of the first yachts - the experience and sat around the furniture.

Classic-style room is complemented by wooden bathtub

Why separate tub wood popularity?

Perfect purist - rectangular design creates a warm atmosphere

Why separate tub wood popularity?

Even small bathrooms can benefit from a freestanding bath

Why separate tub wood popularity?

Oval bathtub drowning - the culmination of the Interior

Why separate tub wood popularity?

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