Award-winning chair design inspired by the Manta Rays


The chair design fascinating "Manta" by Hakan Gürsu took silver in A'Design award in the category of furniture, decorative items and household items from 2015 until 2013. The price A'Design is an internationally recognized designers, innovators and companies that want to successfully attract the attention of the media, publishers and buyers coming competition.

chair design combines three different materials

Chair Design

The interesting chair design was inspired by manta rays and has a unique look with its ornate lines. The concept combines structural elements of wood, steel and plastic, it works without too eclectic. All documents are available in a pleasing harmony. The plastic is transparent, and come in a variety of colors. Thank you to its spiral shape, the chairs can be readily stacked one on the other. With a wooden leg to the back as the backbone, the design of the chair follows a minimalist approach and has a simple look light. A modern hotel with a pleasing aesthetic, suitable for home or office.

Design chair "Manta", with lightweight construction


The Manta is in the portfolio of Chair Design Nobis - an award-winning consultancy with a visionary approach to design. Founded in 2006, the studio is one of the top design companies with 45 design awards in just five years. Specializing in product development and brand identity, they help their clients to market by creating products and services of strategic value. They care for the development process of the research and design phase of prototyping and production. Their capabilities include product design, interior design, strategy development, brand identity, graphic design and prototyping.

Minimalist look and interesting lines

Award-winning chair design inspired by the Manta Rays

also available in another color Award-winning chair design inspired by the Manta Rays

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