Designer Teak and Aluminum Bench with integrated planter


If one brings nature up close, you'll feel better determined. This designer desk is here to "Bench Circle" is a project by Paweł Grobelny and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature at home or on the balcony. A planter is built into the seat, allowing you to save space.

Designer teak bench for the home and garden

Furniture Design

If you are looking for a nice bench for your collection of garden furniture or need an extra seat for the kitchen, then check out these beautiful designer bench. Trades were immediately apparent. It is made of exotic teak wood, which is highly resistant to weather, rain and sun. The base is made of an aluminum alloy, enclosed by two sheets of metal. The lines are almost invisible. This design also provides space for books or garden tools.

Designer Bench with integrated planter and storage

Designer Teak and Aluminum Bench with integrated planter

What is your favorite plant or a tree, perhaps? The seat is equipped with a stainless steel hand-planter, ready to respond to your favorites. The top of the teak is extremely durable, with a special oil for exotic species of wood. When you group several banks, you can make a good life in the garden.

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