Rustic Bathroom Vanity – another application of wine barrels

Vanity cabinet

Country style is traditionally associated with simple rustic furniture and natural fabrics. Rustic furniture make Country charm in the apartment or home. We present an extremely creative wood design that adds a natural touch to the interior. Bathroom Vanity by John Koering Arizona is a simple look and rich history.

Made from old wine barrels - Bathroom Vanity


Rustic sink in the bathroom is actually an old wine barrel that has been used for a long period for the production of wine. The gun was found in Napa Valley, California. The barrel of wine was first dried for two years and then completely dismantled, cleaned, disinfected and then re-assembled by professional craftsmen. The shape of the body has remained fundamentally. On the back of the cabinet, a hole for the drain water has been drilled. Two front doors were fitted with pivot hinges. The sink is made of copper and has a bronze finish with polished. The colors of the copper and the painted surface of the sink are coupled together. At the end of the valve has been mounted in brass. Its antique look compliments the overall look.

Bathroom Vanity Design combines tradition and modernity


The practice piece is handmade in Arizona. It is a great example of how ancient objects can be transformed into modern furniture - the trend has spread around the world with the term upcycling. The basin will compliment the bathroom in combination with stone tiles. For maximum effect, a mirror in aid vintage style. The creator with rustic furniture in the bathroom has found another application of wine barrels, which gives it the character of a bathroom and individuality.

The oval shape of a barrel of wine is stored

Rustic Bathroom Vanity - another application of wine barrels

Rustic vanity features two doors on the front

Rustic Bathroom Vanity - another application of wine barrels

The basin brass faucet gives more individuality

Rustic Bathroom Vanity - another application of wine barrels

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