A glasshouse design with perfect balance built on a slope


Glass house

This modern design glasshouse located near Almaty, Kazakhstan was designed by the architecture studio Design A.Masow. The house was called Imagine House and was built with precise balance on a slope. The property consists of one room, and the glass walls provide a magical view of the fabulous natural environment.

Modern design glass house with panoramic views of the natural landscape

house on the slope

The Glass design house Imagine House was intentionally not built in the city. The owner wanted a private estate in a quiet location. Therefore, the Imagine house was built 15 kilometers from the city in the forest. The glass walls provide a breathtaking view of the beautiful natural scenery on all sides so the residents can enjoy the calm and relaxed atmosphere.

The glasshouse with a transparent facade in the evening


Glasshouse design with modern and trendy interior

A room glass house design with perfect balance built on a slope

The Glasshouse Design from A.Masow doesn't look quite modern and stylish from the outside. The Imagine house was built on one story as a room. The interior is decorated with warm colors with natural materials such as wood and leather. The interior is characterized by functionality, style, and comfort. This glass house is the ideal haven if you want to relax on the weekends.

Comfortable and modern interior with forest views

A room glass house design with perfect balance built on a slope

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