Furniture bathroom glass

Wikao is a newcomer on the market for interior decoration and design object.
Furniture bathroom glass

The newly launched website already offers a range of products for the home, including a selection of bathroom furniture which leaves us speechless!

We especially love their range of glass sink, with marked accents design: the glass used is tinted metallic or embellished with a painted aluminum foil facing material, color and embossed in furniture.

The glass material is enhanced by a neat design but also quality items. We found most often around or towel real chrome steel, durable material and not fearing the frequently encountered in the bathroom moisture.

These materials allow sinks that reflect the light and distributes it throughout the room. Goodbye gray bath room where it was previously impossible to wake up in the morning at the time of the shower finally enjoy a bathroom zen, become a real living room suitable time for yourself!

Different sizes and colors can be found, some rather small female models like the more masculine Bubble rose bowl or others like James, black glass sink. Also found for large bathrooms double basins that will relief to the room.

And as we love the deco elements assorted basins proposed by Wikao are accompanied by their mirrors, shelves and applied in light tones with the characteristics of the whole.

Conclude by saying that these glass sinks are the foundation of the company Waterlux which Wikao is exclusive distributor for France.

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