Holiday house with garden and creative facades

modern architecture

This garden is a work of art. The idea behind the project is simple - to make a building that opens to the surrounding area and still protects the privacy of the owners' house.

House with garden - creative facade


Built by Polish 81.WAW.PL, family house with garden in the middle of nature, surrounded by trees. The beauty of the landscape inspired the architect of your design. You've chosen a building called cube. The design is in the shape of a cube and it seems simple at first glance. But the first impression is deceptive - the architects have a number of windows in the integrated project, which have plenty of sunshine in the inner region and create an interesting play of light and shadow. Each side of the house is different, and as the small window of a game of Tetris. In the evening, the facade is illuminated, this interesting accents.

House with garden design ideas with stones

Holiday house with garden and creative facades

The house with garden opens on the environment, the south and north side of the glass facade are abundant. It is no coincidence that there - on the first floor of the hall is housed. Fireplace, two sofas and white carpet with zebra stripes are the only structure that you need. Decoration has been completely avoided so that the beautiful scenery can get better in. The second floor houses the master bedroom. In the driveway gravel garden interesting garden and stone slabs was created. The path after the shape of the window and modern architecture congratulated. In front of the house, the architects opted for a rock garden in the Japanese style. Patio furniture hardware offer the opportunity to relax outdoors. It is a dream home, the new new surprise.

Building with glass facade and a large terrace

Holiday house with garden and creative facades

Stone Garden - creative idea in the Japanese style

Holiday house with garden and creative facades

Optical illusion by color contrasts

Holiday house with garden and creative facades

Lighting facade

Holiday house with garden and creative facades

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