In the installation of the light in air "Cloud" Grey Pants

Light installation

Contemporary art is presented in very different ways. Hit the staging of light provide the perfect backdrop to give creative experiences. Enjoy the art project brilliant gray trousers from the designer duo of Amsterdam. Installing light is inspired by the shape of a cloud and float easily in the air. It was designed "Cloud" special mission as evident in the lobby of a 5-storey business center in the Bay Area, United States of America.

Light installation "cloud" creates a mystical atmosphere


Both architects, designers and creators Jonathan Junker and Seth Grizzle gray pants founded Studio (formerly with offices in Amsterdam and Seattle) to use their infinite creative energy. Wedding Light installation have created, it's just the most beautiful creations of the wide range of The company's products. Impressive not only for its aesthetic design. Series suspension is distinguished by the responsible behavior of raw materials and greener behavior in nature.

Prints of narcotics light gray pants

In the installation of the light in air "Cloud" Grey Pants

Installation "cloud" of light is formed by hundreds of lights in a spherical shape, which is mounted on a grid, flexible plastic structure with metal and are suspended from the ceiling. Lucine with several other fires have a sculptural form. "Cloud" is exactly the spirit of the time. Let's lobby business center to shine from within. The highlight of hanging gray pants attracts the attention of everyone even remotely. The magical aspect of radiant system can be seen in photos.

A sound and light show to enjoy - brilliant art project

In the installation of the light in air "Cloud" Grey Pants

Preparations for the construction of lighting modules

In the installation of the light in air "Cloud" Grey Pants

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