Interview: Frenchy Fancy

Today I invite you to discover the interview with Celine, interior designer and editor of the blog Frenchy Fancy.
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Can you tell us who you are and how you fell (e) in the world of decoration?
Above all: thank you for welcoming me on Roman-For inside!
I am . . . Celine, 25, passionate about design to the point of doing my job and animate my blog Frenchy Fancy.
I fell into the world of Deco early: my mom is an artist and I think my attraction to beautiful things comes from.

How do you manage your blog everyday? How much time do you spend each week?

I spend a lot of time, several hours a day in fact. It's simple: I'm looking for my blog I also used for my projects, it's 2 in 1!
But suddenly, it's true that it is very difficult to stop . . . Oops!

What are your inspirations (designers, blog, shops, magazines . . . )?

My inspirations are everywhere I look much what is happening around me. This can range from a photo, a tissue, a movie . . . I am constantly writing down ideas in notebooks in bulk!
I am also a great lover of books and magazines in general: I read AD, Elle Deco, The Lab, Milk . . . All are filled with bookmarks of all colors, it's pretty fun!

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Otherwise in terms of design, I just discovered the work of Justin Lamont and I fell madly in love with his work ♥

What is the part that you like in your home?

For the moment, I have not found my "home" ideal. I like my apartment but we will say that I'm not fully satisfied.
But I love our office, we just redesign because we are now both working from home. It is very bright, it has a rather nice space . . . So, since we're almost all day, even our cat is encrusted and stays with us!

Your furniture: more modern, ultra design, family, pitcher '?

Again, our current furniture does not really suit us. We love beautiful things, I mean both in terms of materials of history. We take our time to find the right parts.
I say that we love the industrial and vintage styles. But also simplicity and clean lines. I am also passionate about design: there are a lot of iconic pieces that I dream of owning. The ideal is a mix of all that, I love the eclectic interiors!

The most unusual or unexpected that you can find at home?

Difficult question . . . A diplomat! It is a statuette brought by my father during his many trips to Africa. It's funny because diplomats are animals dressed as humans. Mine is a hippopotamus carved in a yellow wood, he wears a suit and a hat. I love the contrast between the elegant side of her dress and the funny side of the situation (a hippo anyway . . !)

An object or piece of furniture that you could not separate you?

Another difficult question, I would say my cameras.
I tried recently to film photography, and I find the object itself so beautiful that it stands on a shelf in my office. I love the look because it is rich in history and I've known for very small since belonged to my mother.

Interview: Frenchy Fancy

Beside him, there is a vintage polaroid I love the design. And it is still an object that represents a lot to me because it is a friend who gave it to me a few weeks ago, before going into exile in Canada. She herself had bought in a flea market, I like the idea that the object that is passed from hand to hand is now here with me ♥

Your latest favorite purchase for the house?

Two Eames chairs for the office!

Your shopping list Deco?

Interview: Frenchy Fancy

1 - So Design - Natura Mirror Teak Wood Finish
2 - Home of the world - vintage black metal chair TULIP
3 - Made in Design - Shopping Restore 100% recycled - Muuto Interview: Frenchy Fancy

5 - World House - Large vintage teak buffet GUARICHE
6 - Made in Design - Tea for Tea KOOKII
7 - House World - Lamp Graham
8 - House of the world - Bell Eglantine
9 - Ligthonline - Table Lamp Black

A decorative piece that you think will never go out of style?

A decorative piece in particular, I do not know.
However, I think the clean lines and noble materials such as wood and marble are timeless things. No matter how they are processed, it will always be the value of authenticity and character that is timeless.

A word to the readers of Inside For?

Again thank you for all the wonderful things you share with us, and advice to those seeking inspiration: For-Inside is a gold mine full of good ideas! To consume without moderation Interview : Frenchy Fancy


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