Modern lamp design inside France evaluated

Floor lamp

Design floor lamp modern and elegant improves the performance and thrilled with the design and accent colors in the original timber. The floor lamp is part of the new collection of the French brand Roche Bobois.

Design floor lamp on site - French Chic Home


Design floor lamp is part of the collection of contemporary hardware and Roche Bobois name. The lamp consists of several elements - a round plate made of stainless steel is used as a base, the original structure of wood in walnut gives the design a more natural look. The shape of the floor lamp reminds Angelo. A red thread and a red glass lampshade September accents of color. The lamp is available in two colors / reality that the color has changed the lampshade / - and is available in white or red. The lamp is 205 cm tall and is certainly an eye-catcher in the room. And 'highly adaptable and fits in any room of the house - both in the living room, on the playground or in the dining room - and even within the Cabinet - find a place anywhere.

Design floor lamp for every room

Modern lamp design inside France evaluated

Design floor lamp in white looks simple but super stylish. The red version is out and is reminiscent of a cherry. The purist aesthetic lamp is perfect for an eclectic and Scandinavian institutions. It can be combined with various accessories for the home. It does not matter if the room has a glass wall, concrete wall or stone wall - the lamp still looks good. It can be combined with the large pieces of furniture or small - it all depends on the effect you want to achieve. Sofa dark blue and light red is a perfect match. But gray upholstery can be updated by the red light. Successful design is yet another reason why the French brand Roche Bobois has become particularly popular and popular in recent years.

Shadow and white timber construction

Modern lamp design inside France evaluated

Contemporary floor lamp in the dining room

Modern lamp design inside France evaluated

Red light as accent lighting in the room

Modern lamp design inside France evaluated

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