Multi-generational house in Germany


What exactly is a multi-generational home? There should be a building whose design makes the common habitat of two or three generations. This is done when parents and their descendants live happily together, but it is always a good architecture and a lounge where they could have their own private space. This is a place where the "happy family" is a real slogan. It is not an easy task, but the modern design is always looking to the future and ready to deal with the search for an alternative solution.

A multi-generational house - modern architecture in Germany

Modern architecture

Here is an excellent example of a large gabled house, which is also a multi-generational home. But first explain what is gabled house. Well, this is a gable triangle can be formed by a sloping roof of a building front or side-gabled saddle. A gable roof has a triangular shape, the pinion can be seen on the front and back of the house or on both sides. There are also different styles of land and gable roofs.
German architect BUB Archtekten have plans this multi-generational home, which are essentially two houses in one, offering attached rooms while maintaining a sense of privacy.

Elegant architectural idea of ​​Germany


It is a German multi-generational home that has a pinion east and west, one occupied by the parents of other children and their children. There is a common area that connects the two volumes, with panoramic views of the countryside. It has a minimalist, modern, clean interior with modern details such as bright colors and contrasting natural elements like wood and stone interrupted.

Exterior Design

Multi-generational house in Germany

Multi-generational house in Germany

Multi-generational house in Germany
Multi-generational house in Germany

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