Playful Design pendant lamps by Lucie Koldova for Brokis

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This attractive hanging lamps design immediately catch the attention of viewers. They are colorful and playful design. The designer Lucie Koldova designed this glass lamps suspended for Brokis companies. The series is called capsule. The gloss of the capsule consists of two glass capsules, wherein the outer shape of the inner and hugging compact form an oval light. It seems as if they complement each other.

Capsula - Designer pendant lights glass

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The concept is inspired by nature and overlap of capsules is similar to the cells of plants or seeds. The combination of clear glass outer shell and the inner capsule of colored glass has an exciting game of shapes and attractive optical three-dimensional effect. It seems as if the core from the colorful glass bowl.

Designer pendant lights - Colorful core and the outer shell is made of clear glass


The pendant lamps capsule could also be called a Lichtskluptur. The two housings are interconnected by a tubular light source and the effect is enhanced by the color combination of the core in a crystalline outer shell. These pendants are perfect for a room where a flexible soft lighting is required. Whether alone or in groups, they will not only impress with its interesting shape, but they are also a nice touch of color. The color yellow is associated with the sun and sunlight is the ideal choice if you need something strong light.

emerges from the internal cap for the outer shell

Playful Design pendant lamps by Lucie Koldova for Brokis

unusual shapes and beautiful colors

Playful Design pendant lamps by Lucie Koldova for Brokis

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