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Engineering: Interior Design

The apartment is composed of a pension, retirement and security, on the one hand allows the other creates a set of space that offers space, generous views and a continuum fluid.

The design follows the internal logic of life in which the "public domain", with wardrobe, bathroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and in the front are "private space", with office, dressing room, bathroom and bedroom at the stern.

Sliding glass doors flush emphasize the ceiling height of 2.77 M and extraordinary offer a splendid view in all sections. The bathroom, like the innermost refuge is accessible by a pedestal, which makes it useful to "off".

Cleverly place, floor to ceiling mirrors lead to illusory subspace extensions and give the impression of generosity and space.

Key areas such as living room, study and sleep have been systematically circumvented the loggia or attributed to the windows to the green, quiet courtyard.

Glass partitions is directed day inside the apartment.

The lighting concept differentiated allows the production of various different lighting environments. The set of discrete, selective lighting and general lighting is complemented by generous wall of light in the center of the house, which shines like an object.

Furniture and walls in a white cloth as modern and thin for the light and airy atmosphere general background. Contrast that to the floor in solid oak floors and staged restricted to furniture. The use of stainless steel and the formal design furniture reduction underline the impression of understated elegance.

The high quality of target Hofener natural stone bathroom and WC enhances the natural feel and gives the impression of solidity.
Furniture and carpets in the materiality reduced offer the individual using a variety of colorful accents with accessories unlimited scope.

Schreiner has done little art laboratories in Monaco of Bavaria ensure maximum precision and performance of custom furniture exclusive

Dining room

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