Sign Herbstlich – sexy pumpkins to make their own

Decorate pumpkins

Now is the time during which you can decorate your house fall. Christmas is fast approaching, so we need to quickly decorate the house with Herbstdeko. Pumpkins are the most popular decoration in the fall and you can buy what you or do it yourself. Here we show you our new ideas that you are passionate to organize delicious pumpkins Hauptdeko.

Decorating pumpkins with fall succulent - Information for DIY

Autumn decorations

Our proposal consists of two trends: the first is a pumpkin to use as decoration for Hebrst and others - pumpkins bepfanzen with succulents, which are all the rage. Green pumpkin with a smiling face is a good alternative to the traditional pumpkin lantern. To decorate screws autumn pumpkins interesting, you, young succulent, adhesives, fiberglass and soil are useful. Before you start tinkering, you must determine the size of the decorative pumpkin. Wrap the vine branches around the pumpkin. Using glue to fix the legs and with the aid of a pencil inserted into the fiberglass. To keep the soil inside. Then start with the largest succulent in the eyes of the pumpkin plants. That small plants for the design of the mouth. With them, you give a decorative look to the forest without pumpkin. At the end of the whole project, you can continue to decorate the pumpkin with delicious.

Boats natural materials - play Pumpkins

Sign Herbstlich - sexy pumpkins to make their own

Having ornamental gourd as Herbstdeko

Sign Herbstlich - sexy pumpkins to make their own

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