Herbstdeko it yourself – actual idea with pineapples

decorate autumn

In the fall, pine cones are a popular decorative item for the home. Natural materials make the home atmosphere pleasant and decorate offices or dining table, shelves and niches. The kids can help you develop. If you want to make your autumn decorations you, check out our attractive idea later. Let yourself be inspired!

Make Herbstdeko same - Techniques idea of ​​pine cones

Autumn decorations

You can spend more time with your children, allowing them to help craft Herbstdeko. The main accessories are pine cones. You also need a wide range of arcs and spheres of color felt or plush. If you wish, you can use glue instead of adhesive. Let your children the balls stick to the pin. Herbstdeko Make exciting you can bring home a good mood and good. Beautify cones of brocade, sequins or other shiny jewelry. Keep your new fall decoration in a place where it can dry. Then you can decorate with pine cones beschmückten your room or office. Parties and family gatherings in the fall may have already come.

Handmade jewelry autumn children

Herbstdeko it yourself - actual idea with pineapples

Herbstdeko DIY - exciting work for children

Herbstdeko it yourself - actual idea with pineapples

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