Stones ashamed border – separate parterres of lawn


Sometimes it is enough to surround the flower with an edge or a low fence, and voila, you immediately have a garden! Here you will find useless? However, we will show you some ideas on how you can throw stones and lawn edges can be twin flower meadow visually. However, here we only get what are the advantages that you have. On the one hand, the linen and the edge of the lawn have a purely decorative function, on the other hand they put a boundary between the paths and flower beds, and will give your outdoor space a new look. The edges can be high or low in wood or stone, but in all cases, you will find the right look for your garden.

The borders look back on a long history. If you decide to stop as the material for the edges of flower beds, you can try different design from the Renaissance gardens in Italian at the moment. The edges are made of stone, brick, metal, wood or clay.

Boundary stones embarrassed - Stone series is similar to a wall


If the path is paved with stone slabs, gravel or sand, then the boundaries are very suitable. You can use this stone embarrassed and lawn edges.

If you want to bring out the natural beauty of the Borders, use stones of different shapes - beading, share, and, of course, you get irregular shapes. Side by side to join them in a shallow grave, no individual parts with cement. This allows you to round or rectangular beds surround. The simplest method is to work when you are working on the flower beds, borders and walkways.

Cords move - the rustic look

Stones ashamed border - separate parterres of lawn

Vielleich you sometimes feel nostalgia and memories of the old house of your grandparents and the rural farm after? If you plan on playing this rural atmosphere in your garden, you can create your flower bed and lawn edges with smooth river stones. Large oval stones can be collected directly from a nearby river or buy the ones in the hardware business in the vicinity. You can then move the lawn edging stones and set as an accent in the garden. To highlight the natural beauty of the stones of the river, you can organize the best way - to the other or side by side, so that they form a wall. Since the shape of the stones is very different and do not go together, then cement is recommended. If after a wall of ivy and moss growing sidewalk, give a romantic touch to your garden green.

Instead of lawn border stones with plants give the garden structure

Stones ashamed border - separate parterres of lawn

If you want to feel a little 'privacy Renaissance gardens in your yard and make your flower beds and lawn edge from plants. The most commonly used for this purpose during the Renaissance was the case. Today it is used again as in the design of the garden. The advantage of this plant is that it is persistent and well survived the cold winter. Thus, the box can decorate your garden all year round. The boxwood is an easy plant to grow and requires no special care. Its disadvantage is that it develops slowly. So you need time to form your flower beds and lawn edge of the box. In addition, the tree must be cut regularly, just so you can get the shape needed and desired. Green edges can be in various forms, are being designed right, or circular, depending on your preference.

Bricks can also successfully replace stone lawn edges

Stones ashamed border - separate parterres of lawn

The use of bricks in the gardens of the house is not typical for our country. Such examples exist in the Mediterranean region. Bed linen and lawn perimeter brick, you can easily create, so they are an easy solution for your garden and give your outdoor space a touch of exoticism.

Ready for something simple - a project to create your own

Stones ashamed border - separate parterres of lawn

If you do not want so many problems for a super cheap solution is already there for you too! There are already buying the edges of beets and ready-made modules should be installed in the garden. They are in the form of fences and gates having a height of about 20 cm and a length of 2.5 m (some are available in rolls). The same applies to the decorative flower container, plastic imitations of rocks, tree trunks, etc. In the market, you can also complete terracotta -. Edges found in different sizes. If you opt for this type of bedding and lawn edges, so it is necessary to take into account that the flower must be greater than the paths and trails located.

And at the end of today's article, we want to give you one last tip. Light up your bed and lawn edges of your imagination. So sometimes you get the best results. Add some large clay pots in different shapes that will be planted with flowers that will give your garden a romantic look. And never forget, it all depends on your creative imagination and your own style. We wish you much success with the creation and design of the flower beds and the lawn's edge!

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Stones ashamed border - separate parterres of lawn

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Stones ashamed border - separate parterres of lawn

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Stones ashamed border - separate parterres of lawn

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Stones ashamed border - separate parterres of lawn

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Stones ashamed border - separate parterres of lawn

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