This modern luxury – Six Ramsgate

This modern luxury - Six Ramsgate

Designed by Wallflower Architecture and Design Studio

minimalist architecture

This luxury villa is located in Singapore. The address is - Six Ramsgate Road. It is a private residence in a contemporary style. The property is over 1200 square meters, 855 of which - the earth. The owner has asked for the specifications of a private residence. Therefore, the designers have decided to join the area outside the area in an innovative way.

This modern luxury in Singapore


Interior Design

This modern luxury hotel boasts a modern design and innovative cooling techniques provide for the welfare of the residents. The villa offers among others the pretty garden courtyard and en suite bathroom. The courtyard connects the interior spaces. This is a luxury house with a modern interior design - fabrics and textures used to create a warm atmosphere. The rooms are minimalist in style. Sleek and elegant look natural and environmental friendly materials high quality. The white and gray add the internal system.

Exciting interior design - luxury house modern Six Ramsgate

Dream Houses

Wood is the main material that defines the entire interior. The furniture is comfortable and convenient - sofas, leather chairs, decorative pillows and fascinating paintings create a warm atmosphere. Modern white bathroom with minimalist furniture that can captivate anyone. The end result is a modern luxury home was created by Wallflower Architects - perfect for a private family who still want to enjoy the outdoors.

Architect: Robin Tan

Designer: Robin Tan, Cecil Chee, Sean Zeng

This modern luxury - Six Ramsgate

minimalist architecture - Luxury home with terrace

This modern luxury - Six Ramsgate

colorful decorations in the living room

This modern luxury - Six Ramsgate

stylish bathroom with contemporary design

This modern luxury - Six Ramsgate

minimalist home in Singapore - map

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