A modern house in Santiago

House in the woods

This contemporary home was designed by architect DAW. La Maison de Santiago is located in a large green forest, surrounded by trees, two main things that contribute to the building design: nice shade and privacy. The garden is spacious and offers an opportunity for outdoor activities such as sports or a simple walk in nature. It is also well suited for outdoor dining with the family. The pool, which is located next to the house, with a little more life in the quiet and green house in Santiago. It was built in the sunniest part of the garden, in the shade of trees. The addition of water in the picture always changes the landscape.

Cottage in the forest

Modern architecture

The entrances to the house are accessible through carefully constructed paths were paved with stone. These channels are connected to the exterior of the building, which is most often made from natural materials. Wood, concrete and glass Dial the appearance of this House in Santiago and give it modern and natural look. The fact that the house of Santiago one floor, it is even more approaches to nature, rather than to distinguish it from the environment. Instead, the building is part of the environment.

modern design - House in Santiago


The floor plan is L-shaped, divided in three parts according to the population level of confidentiality. The most private area is hidden and provides security, compared to the other two, which open to the world and the beautiful view from the large glass walls and windows. As for the interior of the house, it is also contemporary, designed in warm and natural colors. Lots of light comes through the glass walls and leaves the room look sunny and welcoming. While on the front of the warm color of dark wood contrasts with the pale concrete and they both connect to the lush garden around it. This is a picture of harmony between structure and nature.

Dream Houses

A modern house in Santiago

A modern house in Santiago

A modern house in Santiago

A modern house in Santiago

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