Alternative energy sources – an innovation for home

Environmentally friendly

The power in our homes as "green" energy produced from "clean" sources is a real possibility. A long dream of humanity could soon become a reality. Thanks to the innovative technologies that can provide families with "green" energy from new sources, namely the use of nature inexhaustible resources such as solar and wind power.

Alternative sources of energy - wind and solar power for the home

Alternative energy sources - an innovation for home

Through the use of renewed energy sources resulting in a lower environmental impact than fossil fuels such as oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear fuels. Renewable energy is sustainable, if you use them properly, you can ensure that the needs of today and the future meet, without significant damage to the environment and human health are derived. While used, effectively reduced so that the cost of energy production.

Alternative energy sources, with countless functions

Alternative energy sources - an innovation for home

Moreover, they can be used other sources of energy for other purposes. The sun's rays can be used to heat the house. Heating and ventilation are the most expensive of the systems of the house. Usually about 50% of household bills are paid to cover these needs. In addition, these systems are the main source of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and contribute significantly to global warming. On a large amount of emissions in the atmosphere is due to the sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are the main components of acid rain is the use of solar energy for heating and cooling our homes can cause our electricity costs are significantly reduced. We also wish to emphasize, through the use of solar energy, we contribute significantly to environmental protection. The sun is the purest form of heat and light source to give. Everyone uses solar energy to a certain extent, if we draw the curtains at the window during the day and turn off the artificial light, which is already a good step forward. Modern technology today may contribute to a better use of solar energy in the home and also create a warm and comfortable environment. Curiously, we use solar energy, at least during the summer months, just because the sun is the strongest. This is especially true for the windows on the south side of our house. They allow the penetration of solar energy in the room, even when the sun is low on the horizon, even in winter. Blinds or curtains to protect yourself and properly used during the hot summer days before overheating parts. Avoid large amounts of solar energy in the warmer months is also available by using curtains or blinds on possible appropriate windows, and also by planting shrubs and trees, shade and cool in summer. To fully utilize the sunlight, it is necessary that one makes an appropriate choice of the window. We could not recommend you to select the shapes of the windows where the heat loss is minimal. And another tip from us: let maximum sunlight coming into your home, you can complete artificial lighting or even eliminate the need and create a bright, welcoming ambience in your home.

The best materials are of natural origin

Alternative energy sources - an innovation for home

But this is only a small part of the potential use of solar energy in our homes. To optimize the use of this energy is possible to predict storage and subsequent use. We all know, at night, it's cold during the day, we tried to accumulate the heat and save the day. This is made possible by appropriate materials that are heated during the day and the dissipation of heat during the night. These materials are glass, stone, brick, water.

Perform a cooling system itself

Alternative energy sources - an innovation for home

After heating, the natural resources may also be used for cooling. Wind currents provide natural cooling system free home in spring, autumn and summer. To do this, you must open the window, which are arranged in the direction of air movement, as well as those who are against them. This creates currents of air and ventilate the house in a natural way.

Suggestions for homes on multiple levels

Alternative energy sources - an innovation for home

Familiar with the laws of physics? Then you can determine the proper knowledge to use at home. Another option for the use of renewable energy sources is given for you here. You know, hot air rises in a tall and is moved by the news of fresh air to the bottom of this room. In a two-story house, you can achieve this effect easily. It 's just need to open the windows of the first floor and open a window on an upper level, for example, at the top of the scale.

As in Asia - a floor multi-functional

Alternative energy sources - an innovation for home

For cooling the house, you can use the principle of cooling floor. Everyone knows that concrete floors and in the shade, remain pleasantly cool even on the hottest days of summer. Floor tiles, concrete or stone slabs covered may contribute significantly to cool the house in summer. These flooring to minimize the need for air conditioning during the hot season.

Hanging Laundry

Alternative energy sources - an innovation for home

It has been discovered in recent years, the clothes are not needed in the summer months and only use, our electric bill. Sun and wind can be very helpful when the natural drying of clothes and the fact, we see many positive aspects, such as energy saving, no bleach and disinfectants to clean clothes, and so the need to use strong detergents to eliminate us.

Alternative energy sources - a roof collector for hot water

Alternative energy sources - an innovation for home

Another way to use the hot water solar energy. Easily absorbs the heat from the sun. A passive system for heating water using a collector for heating is usually placed on the roof of the house. Then, the heated water is conveyed by convection, so that it reaches the waterline in the house. Such a system can cover up to 50% or more of the hot water needs at home.

Sun and tension

Alternative energy sources - an innovation for home

In addition to all the above applications, the solar radiation is used to produce electricity. This is made possible by photovoltaic systems. These systems convert sunlight into electricity. Alternative energy sources are particularly important in those areas where there is no network.

Wind energy

Alternative energy sources - an innovation for home

The wind force and potential energy are enormous. We can observe in hurricanes, tornadoes and storms, as you can see trees uprooted, even large buildings destroyed. The great strength of the wind, can be helpful in wind turbines, particularly suitable for the positions in the mountain regions and plains of the wind.

The power of water

Alternative energy sources - an innovation for home

Hydropower energy or water has been used since ancient times to drive mills. It is currently one of the least expensive for the production of energy resources. Through the use of hydroelectric power, the air is not polluted, but the construction of reservoirs capable of disrupting the balance of water and reduce water quality.

Throughout the day you tried to use alternative energy sources and uses always work and play new sources of energy. For example, most new toys for children in need battery power. In recent years, we produced racing cars and boats for kids, solar energy or manually driven. You can also use reusable batteries, solar batteries through the charger. Known, there are push mowers, rakes, lanterns and lamps that are also solar, solar outdoor showers are also a great way to modern energy saving.

As you can see, renewable energy is inexhaustible, and its potential is huge. The efforts of mankind to harness this energy are great and are always successful. To open new horizons for the development of technologies that protect our environment and human health.

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