An interesting idea for garden design gardening easier

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Lasagna garden - what does it mean? Maybe you have not heard of him until now. Yes, this is a new and interesting way of designing the shape of the garden and flower beds. Lasagna gardening is much easier than other methods of gardening, because it requires no work or processing fall. You just need to train the branch to the ground, then plant them in replicas. You can do both of these things in your flower garden, as well as in the vegetable garden. Until you get the offspring proportioned correctly, you can have a lush garden. Over time, the ramifications are degraded, but you will have a rich and fertile land.

Ideas for garden design - Important Information for Lasagna Garden


What you can lie in the spin-off? The ramifications of lasagna garden, you will find things like grass, trees, dried autumn leaves, straw, newspaper, cardboard - or vegetable kitchen waste, coffee grounds, tea leaves and weeds. You can use anything you want to throw the rest on the compost heap and everything that actually grows naturally. If you live near a forest or if you have a lot of grass on the road, you can even use. If you're not a fan of green products, then you can ask your neighbors to save their companies clippings to you later.
Garden Lasagna. First, you make your lasagna garden in your mind, as you can imagine. You will be completely satisfied with this idea for the design of the garden. Shapes Sure, but the aisles between the beds. This makes it easier for you to remove weeds and watering the garden. You can set the cuttings directly on the ground or in the form of bricks or wood. You can also use the tires, although this type of gardening is the best and easiest to work with if you have a large container. You can set these up to form beds on the edge of the lawn or do other areas of difficult access. You can try it on gravel, even if you want to convert this area into a garden.

Find new and interesting idea for the design of the gardens looking for?

An interesting idea for garden design gardening easier

The structure of the spin-off. The first part should be a layer of cardboard or newspaper. This avoids going to bed lasagna or weeds. Wetting the lower layer so that takes better. The second part has to be "green" thick "brown" and its products either. Brown goods are things like dry leaves, straw, and newspapers. Green products are plants, weeds and the elements of compost. You should put a brown coat and a green sheet to the desired height for the bed. The layers should be 2-3 cm thick.
The advantages of lasagna garden. Lasagna gardening is one of the easiest and best idea for the design of garden for beginners. You can use a bed almost anywhere and forms immediately. There is no work or fall tillage necessary, so you do not have to wait for someone else to do it for you, or even sacrifice your time to do so. You can plant immediately. However, you have a lush garden flourish. Brown layer will stop the moisture in the soil well. You should not grow weeds because the first layer prevents the growth of weeds. The garden is almost pure compost, if you do not need to add any other fertilizer. The soil is rich and sweet, so it was very easy to work with when you decide to return to traditional gardening.

This idea of garden design shows a very simple method

An interesting idea for garden design gardening easier

The lasagna garden is a great idea for design besodners garden for gardeners beginners. It is a simple method of gardening, both in design and in the factory. Beds with lasagna garden method are very versatile when planting. Using natural materials may enrich this way, the soil and protect at the same time to remove weeds. Garden Lasagna is also a way to get rid of the living and dead farm field.
And here's one last tip for you: Horse manure is ideal for lasagna gardening. E 'between the green and the brown layer and use compost. However, if you want to add horse manure in your garden lasagna, you can use as an additional layer prefer. Have fun and good time in your garden lasagna!

The first layer should be made ​​of cardboard or newspaper

An interesting idea for garden design gardening easier

Lasagna Gardening - a simple method for beginners An interesting idea for garden design gardening easier

Interesting and original, it seems An interesting idea for garden design gardening easier

The plants, weeds and the elements of compost for a lasagna garden

An interesting idea for garden design gardening easier

This interesting design idea for the garden, you would surely love

An interesting idea for garden design gardening easier

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