Find the right umbrella – you need to do


At the latest, when the first rays of the year for the warmer days, the umbrella is again an important accessory for the garden and balcony. We set up at this point for some helpful tips on how to choose the right umbrella and what to look for when buying. Since there are a large number of different models that are suitable for a variety of uses. And although quantitatively there are huge differences - treatment for protection against UV rays, and support options for cleaning and protecting different.

Each umbrella is different, treatment, support, cleaning and protection against UV rays

Find the right umbrella - you need to do

With this purchase, you'll be spoiled for choice: In recent years, a variety of models have taken the umbrella market. It is all the classic umbrella with central places of reed umbrellas and deck chairs sunshades arm innovative weather restoration. And every type of screen has its advantages and disadvantages that you should consider. For example, a light shade suits at tables shaded by umbrellas and Dining same reliable protection against the weather.

Choosing the right umbrella: the reflection of reliable sun protection

Find the right umbrella - you need to do

Another feature is the decision of the manufacture and quality of the screen. There are quite large differences. A comprehensive test of different types of frames are available on the website In addition, there are several ways to implement a display. Are installed in the floor stand, standing on wheels or can stick wall displays or balcony railing. With the screen of high quality, it is generally sufficient brush, simply dry cleaning.

But umbrellas are not just there to watch only the good: they must also protect against harmful UV rays and provide shade. Therefore, it is necessary to put emphasis on the purchase of umbrella protection from UV rays!

The classic umbrella with center stand - ideal for balcony

Find the right umbrella - you need to do

The classic umbrella is quite common on balconies, as is having smaller versions. The handle of umbrella in the center of the screen covered with a cloth can be mounted on a variety of ways: centered in the tables with benches, which are weighted with water or sand, or special mounting hardware to the wall of the house or the balcony railing . This makes it extremely flexible umbrella.

Parasol - ideal for large gardens or terraces

Find the right umbrella - you need to do

The parasol is the special feature vertical pipe. Compared to a standard parasol tree has the side and not in the center, causing the screen side of the table and chairs can be set. Therefore, it provides a large shadow zone usable. For the wind, the screen vibrates freely. umbrellas arms are a real eye-catcher in the garden and offer their flexibility Aufstellart. Because of the possibility of tipping or pivoting around its own axis, is well protected in the case of the light from the sun.

Drink umbrellas - good protection against bad weather

Find the right umbrella - you need to do

You are definitely the big screens in beer gardens or in front of famous restaurants - these can also be found in private use, a fan base more. With a diameter of 3 meters and more, they offer a good protection against the rain. Because these screens Gastro face strong winds, are very stable.

Umbrella for your garden: Caribbean style thatched umbrellas

Find the right umbrella - you need to do

thatched umbrellas are all of us to holiday in the southern countries known. Straw umbrellas are mostly made of fibers, reeds or rushes palms. You are not portable and must be built on site and anchored.

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