Houseboats Dymitr Malcew


This variable Hau's has designed a spectacular project of architects based in Singapore Dmitri Malcew for H2ORIZON French entrepreneur, a company that specializes in floating structures.

The houseboat by Dmitri Malcew - an innovative project

Houseboats Dymitr Malcew

The houseboat was created for those who love freedom and nature at your doorstep. The mobile home was built on a floating platform that theoretically can be easily moved to different locations. The system is similar to one of the buildings in Asia and is simple but comfortable. All living areas are on one level, so that the whole house is functional.

What is the floating house furnished

Houseboats Dymitr Malcew

The houseboat offers luxury two bedroom, two bathrooms, living room and kitchen, all with direct access to the terrace around, so that you can enjoy and close to the outside world completely.

A boat from house to house in the sea

Houseboats Dymitr Malcew

Houseboats Dmitri Malcew actually has some common characteristics boots - you can dock at any port or wharf, and that makes it very easy to carry. The captain has to decide which exotic location to get to and there you go. The open structure of floating houseboat offers stunning views and experiences. You can 360-degree unique images of nature while you enjoy managing their household, or simply the holiday mood. If the boat is in shallow water, you can go to the pool from the deck.

Living room with bay windows and wooden furniture

Houseboats Dymitr Malcew

The simple device is designed with the colors of the nature of the environment.

Exotic project that will delight nature lovers

Houseboats Dymitr Malcew

On the houseboat, you can watch the incarnations of the time.

Room with veranda

Houseboats Dymitr Malcew

The room is spacious with 3D view and deck - porch offers sunbathing and water.

The barge can be applied as a normal boat

Houseboats Dymitr Malcew

At night, the house is lit with built-in lights.

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