Gift Ideas: Give Calendar and stationery for Christmas

Gift ideas

Photo: Martin Schneider

Christmas is approaching and slowly it is also for those who buy their gifts at the last minute, uncomfortable. What can you give? Usually it must be said that the gift should be beautiful.

But if it is simply beautiful and has no function other person is helped and there's only one other "dust catchers". This is useful if you select the receiver of the gift, it is not creative. What mother really like to get molds for Christmas cakes? It is all those who not only makes sense of duty, his family, nothing to worry about a beautiful and useful gift at the same time.

Calendar gift - useful and aesthetic


Photography: Rainer Sturm

With the calendars are for example in you get this balance essentially act quite well. If you buy a wall calendar, you can descend into the room's decor. However, the condition for this is that the civil section corresponding to the design of the room. Vintage style dominant in the choice of furniture, photographs in black and white or Polaroid grounds are a good idea. For a more rustic environment, a calendar with designs from the wild may be the right choice.

The books themselves are beautiful calendar. They are available in different models. Therefore, the cover can be updated with the images within the calendar or richly decorated. Calendar books are particularly well suited for all the friends and family who travel frequently and coordinate many events. If humor helps friends, you can also give your calendar with a wink and a sign that it takes more time for joint activities in the coming year.

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Gift Ideas: Give Calendar and stationery for Christmas

Photo: Martin Schneider

The same principle also note books can be given. This idea can be fixed to-do list written, made sketches and poems are written. If the book has a beautiful appearance, is the recipient definitely an indispensable companion.

Notebooks and planners are particularly nice because they are something personal appointment with entries handwritten by the owner in them. This is a huge contrast with the general tendency to store all the important data of the program smartphone, tablet PC or e-mail.

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