Italian Design Trends 2015 – Lighting

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Photo: Ute Kawik, Pixelio

As before, the Italian designer are considered the best in their field and this world. Therefore, their designs are observed every year with great interest, because they have large southern European design trends. Visible is also this year: 2015 Italian design trends are found almost everywhere their imitators.

Trends creators in 2015 - surprising, it should be - and romantic


Photography: Rainer Sturm Pixelio

For several years, the designers seem to be "a part" of the work. This means that the drawings seem to follow the fashion in the same general principles in the field of furniture and interior decoration. 2015 could be guessed in Milan and Madrid already, what's hot this year: The futuristic trend that has occurred in recent years, the regularity, he was transferred back to the future and then banished from the current project. 2015 is the motto should hit. We are looking for real "eye-catcher", but these are kept in a classic style.

exclusive lighting design - Design Trends in 2015

Italian Design Trends 2015 - Lighting

Photo: Rolf Neurolle, Pixelio

Lighting design exclusive could be seen, for example, fell by the size and shape of the eyes, but it seemed compatible with virtually any surrounding property. Possible, these lighting fixtures and other new furniture has been a return of the creator, which seems to have been inspired by the fashion world: So the novel is underway again. Then soak in warm colors and soft in most models. The only exception to the warm colors and soft is the tendency to increase the participation of houseplants in a room concept from the start. Houseplants Phantom "trend" for years already excited about the scene, but it never came to 2013. This year, the Italian designers have, however, made it finally arrived. A variety of models that were presented at the International Furniture Fair in Cologne by the Italians, the furniture in the room immediately. In particular, there seems to be a fixed place for houseplants. They fit everywhere. Another trend are mixtures of materials for furniture. A built in recent years, with a preference or metal, leather or wood, and combinations of these elements are in demand. In particular, in the field of office chairs from Italy, this is not just in 2013.

Romantic elegant chandelier

Italian Design Trends 2015 - Lighting

Photo: Christian Steiner, Pixelio

Exclusive Lighting Design - Detail

Italian Design Trends 2015 - Lighting

Photo: Carol Pohl, Pixelio

Creative modern - pendant lamp

Italian Design Trends 2015 - Lighting

Photo: Gabi Schoenemann Pixelio

Ceiling chic and elegant

Italian Design Trends 2015 - Lighting

Photo: Creta Maris Pixelio

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