LED Bulbs innovative "water balloon" by Torafu Architects

LED lighting

This LED light bulbs are falling like a jet of architects Architects Torafu Japanese company and have recently been exposed to the interior design exhibition Design Fair in Tokyo IFFT. "Collection Balloon" is composed of three elegant glass lights that imitate visually the characteristics of agility and physichen of liquid drops. Featuring a light source ever conducted, hidden in the dome piston, water bombs asymmetric diffuse atmosphere of blue light.

LED bulbs mimic the liquid that gives life

Pendant light

A highlight are the structures in the form of bubbles, producing a shiny appearance. The small air bubbles and large give the impression that it would be trapped inside the carbonation time. Made from recycled fluorescent and completed by beautiful reflections of light bulbs, drops appear in an asymmetrical silhouette of a rare elegance.

LED bulbs in the form of droplets dispersed soft light


As if the glass ampoules with bubbles contain an entire universe inside. Suspensions used as LED bulbs, LED-Glühlbirnen create unique lighting effects and put people almost with astonishment. Inspired by the flowing water in a jet of tap water from the tap, the duo of architects Koichi Suzuno and Shinya Kamuro created a design exceptional sculptural beauty. Known for its contemporary architectural projects, art installations and ideas for the design of the product, Torafu Architects Studio has worked with a set of glass artists to bring the concept of "Water Balloon" espresso.

Pendant Lamp Led - smooth shape and flowing contours

LED Bulbs innovative "water balloon" by Torafu Architects

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