Minarc Ice House – A modern green home high value

Sustainable Architecture

Because of its rectangular plan and a flat roof Ice House reminiscent of an ice cube. It is located in a rural village in a less developed region of Iceland, characterized by unspoiled nature. Created by eco-house concept with a modern and functional design Minarc reflects the pragmatism of Northerners, who are now placing great importance to the protection of nature and resource conservation.

Eco-house loft character


The architect-designed house runs on solar energy. To improve air quality without carpets were asked the House Interior and installed without air. To minimize energy costs, eco-house is passively cooled by cross-ventilation in summer. Ice House was built on a raised wooden platform to reduce the pressure on the ground. The concept for efficient the home is completed with the use of local materials for the panels that were of local origin. This also allows the body to gently rectangular building located in the surrounding countryside.

Cubic Architecture - green house Iceland impressed by the design of the facades


The interior of the house is surprisingly warm and with a variety of decorative elements. The materials were used in their organic form aware. Glasses on the entire surface connects the inside and the outside, and offers a breathtaking view of natural Bewohnenrn. Are available: 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a large living room loft character.

Connection for indoor and outdoor high intensity

Minarc Ice House - A modern green home high value

Eco-house combines design technologies and energy-efficient, environmentally sustainable with minimalist architecture and design. The concept of life environmentally focuses on functional spaces, designed and contribute to a healthy indoor climate and balanced. Several times Minarc winning design studio in Reykjavik, Iceland is known for its modern design, innovative materials and technologies dividually art internationally recognized.

The large windows allow natural light into the room

Minarc Ice House - A modern green home high value

Stone wall of gravel in the bathroom

Minarc Ice House - A modern green home high value

The soft tissues offer comfort in the bedroom

Minarc Ice House - A modern green home high value

Outdoor shower and seating on the wooden bridge

Minarc Ice House - A modern green home high value

Photo: Torfi Agnarsson

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