Modern House Extension by Wim Goes Architectuur


This building was designed by architect Wim Goes Architectuur as an extension of the modern home in a residence in Belgium. The location of the house is very quiet and green, near a pond. Large trees and shrubs around it "hide" the house and protect the privacy of the owner. At the same time, there is the possibility to extend the house.

Modern architecture - the extension of the house

Modern architecture

Firstly, a new wine cellar and a home accessory erected over him. The other part extends over the lake and looks as if it floats on water. The really special thing about this housing expansion is harmony between interior and exterior space.

The new culture timber fits perfectly. The glass facade is framed with solid wood. This room has been set up as a lounge. It provides protection against the elements and provides a way to relax or eat. The course is also suitable for family gatherings or garden parties. The new device also features a wooden platform where you can refresh and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


Modern House Extension by Wim Goes Architectuur

Modern House Extension by Wim Goes Architectuur

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