Make glamorous entrance – stainless steel door handle


The door handle stainless steel is the ordinary and practical choice for your door. But the effect is often underestimated these details. The design team of Studio Forma proved exactly the opposite - that accents the door handle can and can not decorate the entrance.

Door handle steel door of modern house


The door handle stainless steel Forma Studio is a part of your furniture collection. The design studio has introduced two models of door handles. But our absolute favorite part is contour. The architectural design is characterized by clean lines and rectangular shapes. The architects tried to create a design that fits all doors and modern at the same time is characterized by an impressive minimalist design. The door handle is characterized by simple geometric forms - the cube is the development and defines the overall concept. Simple but very effective is the combination of the door handle and lock. Contour is suitable for glass and wooden doors and metal. Houses minimalist certainly benefit from design.

Door handle stainless steel with an architectural look

Make glamorous entrance - stainless steel door handle

Designers Miriam Vazquez and Alex Leuzinger worked together on several projects and found that said their cooperation and creative designs and architectural designs conduit. You founded the studio in Zurich Forma architectural firm and are always looking forward to increasing popularity and popularity. Their furniture collection includes several models of door handles, wooden shelves, modern tables, chairs and matching lamps. Have rich experience in the field of interior design and always find a balance between stylish appearance and functionality. The connecting element of the product line is in the geometric shape. Innovative, interesting and stylish - this is the furniture and accessories of the brand can be described.

Minimalist door handle

Make glamorous entrance - stainless steel door handle

The cube-shaped design features

Make glamorous entrance - stainless steel door handle

Also available in gold

Make glamorous entrance - stainless steel door handle

An elegant house entrance design

Make glamorous entrance - stainless steel door handle

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  1. cory marcus

    March 26, 2017 at 8:19 pm

    I would like to know where I can purchase the Studioforma door handle

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