Modern kitchen island ore innovative Hi-Macs ®


The ore of the last generation. HI-MACS ® Solid Surface is an innovative material that is designed and manufactured by LG Hausys, a world leader in the technology industry. HI-MACS ® is distributed by LG Chem Europe, with headquarters in Geneva (Switzerland). Because of its thermoplastic properties, the wide range of colors and its ease of use Hi-MACS ® is able to offer exclusive opportunities and endless design. Isle modern kitchen that we present today just made ​​this innovative mineral material. But he did not say anything for HI-MACS ®.

Modern kitchen island designed by Adriana Tihon

Kitchen Island

Hi-Macs is solid as a rock, but it can be treated like wood. The material is thermoformed and verhitzt. The result is a seamless edges and surface. Its smooth, non-porous surface is easy to clean and provides high resistance to heat and disinfectant daily. The kitchen is so completely resistant to moisture, stains, scratches and liquid penetration. Some sheets are transparent Hi-MACS, when combined with the light. All these properties of matter, is the first choice of architects and designers.

Mineral material

The modern kitchen island by Adriana PURE Tihon (Avantgarde Areas) shows in very bright colors. The project has provided a perfect balace between elegance and innovation. Strong color Banana HI-MACS ® was used for the entire work plan and bar. Small lamps, installed behind the forehead smooth, to create amazing light effects.

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