Modern summer house in the Brazilian Forest

Modern holiday home in the Brazilian rainforest

"Sporangio - House" designed by Nitsche Arquitetos Associados

House in the woods

An incredible luxurious modern holiday home is located in the rainforest in Brazil. Home 'sporangia has been specially designed to bring the magnificent view full advantage. This summer house is a modern project of the architect Nitsche / Nitsche Arquitetos Associados /. While the building is designed as spacious, the architects chose a building - so the summer house offers enough space for the owner, whose son and three guests.

Summer house offers modern luxury and functionality

Summer House

The rooms have a nice view where you can see the trees. The main living area with a glass facade is located on the second floor and is well connected to the outside. In the courtyard, have a comfortable lounge and a swimming pool luxury many enjoyable hours outdoors. Rooms for service personnel are on the ground floor in the summer house. A private space in the house is hidden behind opaque walls, so that the house is safe. The large windows on the other side of the house open and combine inside with outside space.

Summer A modern house in Brazil


The top floor of this modern holiday home throws a shadow on the lower part of the house and creates a cool room where you can relax. From here you can enjoy the excellent environment. Interestingly, similar to the modern hideaway in the woods a bit of an industrial building. The steel elements of the facade of the house can seem particularly bright. The metal parts are used in interiors painted decoration to create an exciting atmosphere in blue. Wood details bring warmth inside, reminiscent of the forest that surrounds this house was amazing.


Interior Design

Modern villa in the forest - Blue Room

Dream Houses

Combined lounge - modern kitchen, wooden table and a white sofa

Modern summer house in the Brazilian Forest

Modern courtyard with swimming pool and wooden furniture

Modern summer house in the Brazilian Forest

Glass facade - a modern house in Brazil

Modern summer house in the Brazilian Forest

Modern wooden facade with large windows - Private outdoor area

Modern summer house in the Brazilian Forest

Wooden staircase in the villa in Brazil - modern exterior

Modern summer house in the Brazilian Forest

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