The design of a small but beautiful courtyard terrace


This beautiful outdoor space in Paddington has been designed by the botanist design Pepo. After the patio was renovated, the owner turned his attention to the outdoor spaces, which could be seen from different parts of the house. The small terrace in front of the judge should consider all sides of the big house and provide a comfortable place to talk and relax. Landscape architects have thought the owner's privacy, so that prying eyes can be prevented from the road. A number of small triangular areas were converted into usable open spaces. The design of the terrace has design elements of art such as concrete slabs, polished copper sculpture and many plants.

Renovated terrace in the courtyard

Terrace design

The yard around the house previously presented a series of hard to reach places, so it was important to maintain the restructuring of the design elements simple and harmonious. Concrete slabs have a nice triangular shape and create a gateway that does not focus layout of the house, but very natural. Among the dishes are small plants to soften the lines and create interest.

Backyard patio - Design KOMET modern botanical design

Garden design and maintenance

The patio in the courtyard had to be functional and includes drying room, barbecue, off road parking and space for entertaining. To ensure that there is room for all of these functions, landscape architects have hidden in the garden used to host some of the area entries. These covered an area of ​​concrete floor were enlarged to fit inside a small car. The machine door is open and connected to the terrace. It can also be used as a covered terrace for parties.


The design of a small but beautiful courtyard terrace

Artistic elements play an important role in this garden. A metal sculpture was placed in a corner, which can be seen from different angles. The shape of the sculpture should be light, but also convey a sense of strength, to complete the concrete slabs. Mark McClelland has worked with copper to create this sculpture an organic form. LED lighting, rainwater tank under the house to drip irrigation and natural plants! An oasis of peace in the courtyard.

the main deck

The design of a small but beautiful courtyard terrace

Lampposts pleasant atmosphere for outdoor The design of a small but beautiful courtyard terrace

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