Transformation of a pool in an herb garden on the roof terrace

Roof terrace

City life offers everything - culture, nightlife, gastronomy, urban landscapes in particular. Gardeners usually come to mind often. But the landscape architect David Seiter said that we can and should, contact us at our existing landscape and develop our own food. One of his latest projects, "Shut the pool" is a convincing proof of how to make an herb garden on the roof terrace.

Herb garden on the roof of "The Press Lounge" restaurant

Herb Garden

When Adam Seiter block contacted the idea of the pool on the roof of his restaurant, "The Salon of the press" to convert to a breakfast terrace with garden herbs, Seiter was delighted. The project combines Seiter passions for urban development, gardening and design roof terrace and in a place like Manhattan. The result is a fine example of how you can grow herbs and vegetables almost anywhere. Guests eat in the immediate vicinity of the ingredients in their meals.

herb garden terrace on the roof terrace


The original idea for the garden block was cast in the dining area on the roof where the old pool was. Under this plan, Seiter and his team of Future Green Studio have designed a system of flower terraces. Falling from the pool deck on the pelvic floor, planters soften the transition to the lower level and allow you easy access to the plants.

The stairs to the pool and depth remained

Transformation of a pool in an herb garden on the roof terrace

IPE deck boards are mainly used in the entire project. While Farm pool is a sophisticated and exclusive restaurant remodeling, others might inspire you to design your own herb garden on the roof terrace or balcony.

Some conclusions we can draw from this fine example:

1 Use all materials, if you can. How terrace. This saves money, there is waste and establish a relationship with each component of your garden.

Rows of planters with herbs

Transformation of a pool in an herb garden on the roof terrace

2 Beware that most of the first swimming pool in accordance with the site, not against it. Seiter. The stairs to the pool and the handrail remain. They even used the new pool lights. The dining room below welcomes its guests as the wind. Do not stress so much about design trends or what you think your garden should look like. Suppose that the site offers.

Why do not you make yourself an herb garden on the roof?

Transformation of a pool in an herb garden on the roof terrace

3 Solves problems creatively. Hide terraced fields and different camouflage container sizes and depths. This allows versatility in planting. Significant, sustainable herbs, such as rosemary were planted in large planters, while smaller, more delicate herbs more and more in shallow pots.

Rooftop gardens also have the added challenge of wrestling with the weight of the earth. Where the ground is wet, it is extremely difficult and requires a special blend of lighter materials. A company called ROOFLITE provided this new mix for the project.

Pool and keep the old

Transformation of a pool in an herb garden on the roof terrace

4 A productive garden is a beautiful garden. Park project From the pool shows that you can create a garden and grow their own food, no matter where you live. It also shows that the productive herb gardens can be just as precious and beautiful as the flower gardens.

Even if we do not all have a penthouse with roof terrace or gardens, many of us have gardens, terraces, window sills or even walls that we can use. Instead of a beautiful lawn, you think of a small herb garden.

a lovely outdoor dining room

Transformation of a pool in an herb garden on the roof terrace

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