Wellness with scented candles – create a calm atmosphere

Scented Candles

Candles play an important role for many people when decorating their home. They spread a special license and are in the cold season barely imagine. However, the candles are not only beautiful to look at, but can improve a warm environment and contribute to the welfare of those scented candles fragrances.

Spa with scented candles - targeted use candles


There are a number of candles, which are available today with a fragrance. It 's very nice when they come with a bit' of wind, as always attractive or is. However, we must not exaggerate when candles are placed and lit. Anyone who uses too much of a good thing can quickly achieve the opposite of a relaxing scent. Here are some tips that will help you feel comfortable with scented candles.

Scented Candles Eika have ordered candles, should be taken when decorating to ensure that only the same fragrances are developed and turned on together. If it is a large space, it is useful to create candles at different points, so that the smell can spread evenly. Otherwise, it may take some time until it has spread. In small rooms, it is often sufficient to set a candle.

Spa with scented candles - do not overdo

Wellness with scented candles - create a calm atmosphere

Happy lights are used to provide a romantic dinner for just the right atmosphere. But it is better to take the opportunity to use light sources that emit no odor. Depending on the sensitivity of the nose guest appetite for delicious food can make or a meal more taste, the flavors are covered.

Individual fragrances in perfumes should be preferred. Instead of hoping that a candle with scent of vanilla gives a delicious smell of vanilla strawberry with strawberry candle, it is unlikely, because it often means artificial flavors. Instead, the two fragrances must be assessed separately - so you can enjoy the spa with scented candles completely.

fragrance lamps as an alternative

Wellness with scented candles - create a calm atmosphere

In addition to scented candles scented oils and essential oils are also a good way to provide a room with a pleasant smell. Commercially, there are lamps of incense, which are filled with water. Here are a few drops of oil are added. Around the spark plug, the water is heated and the oil can be evaporated. It is relatively rapid spread of odors in the room.

Raise be

Wellness with scented candles - create a calm atmosphere

There are several groups of fragrances that can be used in their own home. To have a calming effect on colds, essential oils can be used. A few drops of thyme or rosemary are very nice

Nose. The children are in the house, though, is that perfumes contain camphor waived, as this can lead to serious respiratory problems.

Autumn and winter are the seasons when many people suffer from depressive disorders. Short days and lack of sunlight often reduces mood. On the one hand it can help bridge the gap, a light bulb to help other citrus fruits such as orange, bergamot and lemon scents. Not only lift the mood, but also increase the reader.

Wellness with scented candles - create a calm atmosphere

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