10 interesting applications for drawing and 3D Design for Mobile Internet


We present 10 interesting applications for drawing and 3D Room Planner, you can use yourself to be an interior designer.

Planner and 3D applications for the living room to help you implement

Piano Magic

Piano Magic is quickly becoming one of the most popular applications for design - can be described with plans to develop intelligent applications. Just more pictures of rooms you have a floor plan fairly accurate model, which, like a drawing in PDF format can be sent in JPG format or DXF files.


The magic power of the book App is undeniable - you can master many designs and save. The project was awarded the Apple Design Award of the year. Simple operation makes quick work with the application - and brings young and old fun.


Sketchbook is an application similar to paper - easy operation and many features such as different screen resolutions and sizes are available and have the freedom in design.

Morpholio Trace


Morpholio is proof that modern technology and software developers imagination knows no boundaries. The application can use 3D room planner or as a drawing tool. You can import images, namely and shoot! Different colors and styles mark each design - practical and functional.

Applications for design and 3D Room Planner offer new opportunities for users

Graphisoft BIM

Graphisoft is a great relief for interior designers - especially when a team is working on a project. Here quickly ideas can be exchanged. The operation is very simple. Accurate sketches can be created in no time.

Adobe Ideas

10 interesting applications for drawing and 3D Design for Mobile Internet

All applications Adobe Ideas design is the perfect choice for amateur designers - like Sketchbook, it is easy to use and has a clear Menü.Wenn you want to customize a piece of furniture according to personal dimensions, one can only draw with application to create and then put them in many furniture stores.

Autocad 360

Always reliable - with AutoCAD 360 You can import CAD drawings on the phone and change. Of course, you can also express your iPhone then.

iRhino 3D

10 interesting applications for drawing and 3D Design for Mobile Internet

Do you have a 3D model created using the 3D room planner and design software Rhino? Now you can also download it from the phone and show your colleagues. The mobile version is very comfortable and offers many additional features.

Autodesk Revit

Create 3D models of buildings - with Autodesk Revit. You can edit, archive and share with others later. If you are interested in historic buildings or their family home floor of one - the application offers something for everyone.


Ok, Photosynth is a tool for drawing or a 3D room planner - but the idea is so cool that the application is certainly one in the list. If you do this, it is with software several photos of a region, a 3D panoramic image of the landscape to create.

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