A healthy and sustainable modern house

A healthy home and sustainable modern

"Residence Storrs Road" is Tim Stewart Architects, Australia

This fabulous house Bungalow is located in the picturesque surroundings of Peachester, in the vicinity of the "Sunshine Coast" of Queensland, Australia.

Sustainable Architecture

The first impression of the house is as it is comfortable in its natural environment green. This is not surprising when you understand a little 'history of the family that lives there. This modern sustainable home is actually a "reduction" for a couple and his family, who lived on the site for nearly 30 years. Tim Stewart Architects have this fabulous ecological house built on part of the family estate, which was time Gutsbetrieb huge. After years of cultivation, the company will now be allowed to return to its natural state, the owners have begun to enjoy their retirement and independent living.

Sustainable Architecture by Tom Wood Stweard Architects


The peaceful atmosphere of the house light reflects this tranquil lifestyle. Old trees that grow around the house seem as if the envelope with a natural shield. The light that is calm and refreshing shines through the leaves.

The architectural style is light and airy, with a focus on volume rather than mass. This effect was achieved through the use of materials for the thin line and linear properties. In combination with large windows and doors, the house has a maximum connection with the natural world. Metal, wood and glass are connected to flow in a smooth modern design.

Storrs Road residence - a house modern and sustainable


The architects have a modern and sustainable home designed to be not only beautiful, but also energy-saving, with money laundering activities. Low energy lighting is installed, such as solar panels for heating systems and water storage. The house was built only with wood, taken directly from the website or the great outdoors.

This can be a house that represents a withdrawal from full-time work, but it is certainly not a "nursing home." Inside is dynamic and full of life, that is the joy of life of the occupants. In the middle of the property is an enclosed courtyard garden. vegetables and herbs grow happily under the decorative plant. is carefree casual elegance in this modern and sustainable house, has personality and verve. fresh and bright open plan interior is white, decorated with a multitude of different materials, release energy at home. Furniture and accessories are classic, modern, and certainly not the choice of people who are conservative or set.
The essential feature of this home is perfect for a young couple who wants to learn new things in life and share their joy of life with family and friends.


Interior design of the residence Storrs Road

Interior Design

Dining room and kitchen

Dream Houses

A healthy and sustainable modern house

A healthy and sustainable modern house

Sunny and lively atmosphere at home

A healthy and sustainable modern house

On the terrace - in harmony with nature

A healthy and sustainable modern house

beautiful garden in residence

A healthy and sustainable modern house

A healthy and sustainable modern house

House design in bright colors

A healthy and sustainable modern house

Architectural sustainable home

A healthy and sustainable modern house

Tim Stewart Architects

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