Beautiful gift idea – Baccarat crystal chess

Chess game

Baccarat company recently celebrated a birthday / just 250 years old /. For this special occasion, they received a special gift - the Japanese company Nendo has designed a glass chess for the famous French brand.

Glass Chess - elegant gift


Glass chess are made ​​by hand - over 200 hours are required for each set. Made of blue and clear glass chess creates a play of light and shadow and looks chic. The fine is the production of the French manufacturer Baccarat, which was originally known for its brilliance of the brand. Today, the company also offers jewelry, Dekostücke and crockery. The complete range of lighting products.

The game of chess is a perfect addition to the living room or cloakroom luxury. But even in the office, the game can be used for decoration. We can not imagine a better gift than the strategic board game for the price of a wedding!

The chess game glass can also be used as a decoration in the living room

Beautiful gift idea - Baccarat crystal chess

The chess pieces are made ​​of blue ...

Beautiful gift idea - Baccarat crystal chess

Made of clear glass and ...

Beautiful gift idea - Baccarat crystal chess

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