Contemporary wall – original concept for mood lighting

indirect light

Indirect lighting is often overlooked - but exactly the dark wall sconces help create an atmosphere of well-being. We present a modern mural that transforms light into a decorative element.

Contemporary wall light and elegant decoration?


Light Design Ladder Safety Data Sheet has been inspired by the collar. As a modern elegant necklace adorns the wall, the walls of the apartment and the soft, diffused light into the room. The power of the lamp in the form of a driver and can be fixed to the wall. The combination of the two very different materials such as leather and stainless steel attracts attention. The warm brown-beige leather elements contrast with the neutral surface of polished stainless steel. Are sources of light create artistic lighting effects and a comfortable environment.

Contemporary wall with a strong presence in the room

Contemporary wall - original concept for mood lighting

Modern wall lamp inspired by a simple but elegant shape and precision manufacturing. The subtle lighting of the lamp relaxes the eye and soothes the senses after a long day of work. People with migraine will be fascinated by the safety of the project. The lighting is not only practical but also very decorative. The focus is suitable for romantic souls and can raise a toast sacred atmosphere in the dining room. Minimal structures and purists will certainly benefit from innovative wall lamp. Whether it's a comfortable seating area or just as an accent in the hallway - offers endless design possibilities.

The Canadian design studio SDS is already known for its creative projects. Popularity have made them smart light objects that are produced by the minimalist principles. Talented designers are always looking for new inspirations and experiences to avoid not leave with materials and shapes. The lamps are characterized by a simple aesthetics.

An original concept, precise production - design wall lamp FS

Contemporary wall - original concept for mood lighting

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