Interior design ideas for Penthouse – it is for your dream home


A penthouse offers maximum comfort.

A luxury apartment is an absolute dream for many people. Exclusive penthouses on the roofs of the city are particularly attractive in cities like Monaco, Munich, Hamburg and Berlin. In the German capital these dream homes are among other things in real estate Ziegert. Penthouses offer its elevated position, not only a magnificent view over the rooftops of the city, but also a special dining experience. Because of their nature penthouse loft usually offer ample living space. However, the design of this structure requires only because of the size and more numerous windows very special delicacy. Dream apartment without proper equipment, lighting and decoration learn quickly feel cold and a little 'uncomfortable. But with a few tips and tricks, the living space can be used in an optimal way and to create a warm atmosphere.

Interior design ideas for Penthouse - retain generosity

Interior Design

A high-quality furniture, designer furniture supports exclusivity.

A penthouse is distinguished by its size. Therefore, the character of openness and space are maintained, the apartment should be decorated very little and not too full. With economic development sufficient free space remains. Although the apartment is not too cold, color accents are recommended in warm tones. However, these should be used sparingly as accessories just like an attic is also no frills and decorations.

A luxury apartment is a unique and should also be established. The upstairs apartments have their nose, which must not be destroyed with inadequate means. Furniture and interior design must be adapted to the object noble. Examples Parquet much more noble than the carpet and furniture design to enhance the exclusivity apartment skillfully. Which also had a good talent for design real estate, you can count on an interior designer. The investment is worth it, because the professionals are trained both to implement the wishes of their customers and are familiar with the materials, patterns and color combinations.

Setting Penthouse - Living in a family of color

Interior design ideas for Penthouse - it is for your dream home

This luxury apartment has been painted in an elegant ecru.

A penthouse distinguished by their generosity. Often many of the rooms overlook the other. Thus, the attic does not look thrown together, it is advisable to stay in the creation of an open plan lounge and dining room in one color family. Especially popular is currently the color "greige", a mixture of gray and beige. However, other shades can give Attica a sleek coat. In the DIY store, there are many color maps that show the colors come from a family or a good game.

Located on the right lighting

Interior design ideas for Penthouse - it is for your dream home

Indirect light sources provide comfort.

Large attic can act quickly uncomfortable, especially with a minimalist décor and cold materials such as stone or stainless steel. Through the clever use of indirect lighting in the form of floor lamps or Beistelllampen, but the heat can be produced quickly. Many small light sources that create a great atmosphere ceiling lamps or neon. With lamps that shine even slightly color accents can be set.

Prefer wood

Interior design ideas for Penthouse - it is for your dream home

Wood leaves the apartment seems particularly comfortable

Wood is the best floor for an attic, because the wood also provides heat in the rooms and just never goes out of fashion. Particularly high quality is still a plan, but also a real wood laminate flooring is high quality and chic. It also panels or wainscoting makes for a cozy atmosphere. Can be selected from various types of wood. For those who prefer elegant dark wood, is well advised to wenge, walnut or mahogany. A rustic look, however, the promise types of wood such as ash, olive oil or Douglas fir.

Optimal use chamfers

Interior design ideas for Penthouse - it is for your dream home

Traces are to be used by low furniture.

The court has a penthouse on the slopes, so it must be used intelligently furniture correspondence between tracks. Bass cabinets are perfect. Under the slope, such as a sofa, a bed can be placed in the head not high, beliefs or buffet bed.

Emphasize the urban

Interior design ideas for Penthouse - it is for your dream home

Those who love the urban look and modern, should support this with lines of clear design. Dark colors, understated elegance, metallic or glossy reflections emphasize the urban character of an apartment, which is based on the reduction to the essentials. Geometric shapes and straight lines, instead of embellishments in particular to support the look. Dark wood furniture, leather and soft colors perfect urban style skillfully. As a special eye-catcher put a lot of fantasy owners of luxury on the stairs.

Taking fashion

Interior design ideas for Penthouse - it is for your dream home

Attics often have a very modern character. Privileged environment can be created by a successful break in style. Which combines a modern interior with baroque furniture or old, succeeds his penthouse missing a very personal touch. In addition to the combination of different lifestyles, and the combination of different materials and structures leads to a nice table.

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