The best green architecture with green walls

The last green architecture with green walls

On Broadway - penthouse in New York, United States

Design by Joel Sanders

green architecture

This project represents the maximum bio-architecture. Progressive Architect Joel Sanders has an inner and outer surface connected to a unique way. He literally created a garden in modern apartment in New York. The luxury apartment is almost planted. Joel Sanders did not meet with ordinary durable materials, has materials that are usually used for garden use. The ultimate goal was clear - the plants are a part of the design, not only as decorations.

Modern Architecture Green - Loft in New York


Green architecture has integrated within the culture. Live plants are undeniably beautiful and are good for health - clean the air we breathe. In this project, the walls are planted, the whole apartment is green and fresh. The apartment is open plan, if you have built a screen that separates the living room.

Exciting green architecture in the United States

Interior Design

Green architecture has a roof terrace which is accessed by an external staircase. The glass wall that provides a beautiful view is its best advantage, and may require more sunlight to reach the apartment. The green theme continues on the roof, where a "lawn" was designed.

In modern apartment also do common tasks such as bathing pleasure. Located in front of himself, bathe, surrounded by all green plants. A glass wall offers a look at the plants. Also, the bathroom was decorated with various flower pots. The architect himself says, "the", "living wall vertically connects the roof inside.

A modern design with ökofreundlichem

The best green architecture with green walls

Comfortable and stylish combination of living room furniture and works of art almost looks like a tunnel. Soft textures and shapes curves reflect on the abstract against nature. This version only for green architecture from a talented designer - Joel Sanders is a source of inspiration in all aspects.


The best green architecture with green walls

Modern green architecture - Loft

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