The Bridge House – a practical design solution

by Natoma Architects

Holiday home

You can find this unusual house in Marin, California. It was designed by architect Stanley Saitowitz of Natoma Architects. The property impresses first of its incredible wooden facade and modern architecture. And then you can convince them of its functionality.

A practical solution design California

Modern architecture

The building extends to 6.70 m above a canyon that is located in a wooded property of approximately 60,700 m². (The structure is raised above the ground standing on columns that are essential to its weight. Raising creates a free air space in the area around the middle Teil.In both ends of the structure was fully interconnected to ground.)

The modern two-storey retirement levels that have changed their function. Rather than designing the living areas downstairs and bedrooms upstairs, the designers have found an interesting solution. The rooms, which are logically the most intimate parts of the building, located on the first floor and is fully enclosed by side panels of facade earth. The other side, which faces the wood is illuminated by a plurality of the pattern smaller window.

The Bridge House - Innovative design of the United States


The second floor consists of all the living areas and away from the basement. Two large open terraces, it seems more open. One of them can be used as a dining room can be used outdoors. It is also connected to a small staircase leading down to a platform of glass that acts as a buffer for the building and special wide front pool.

The two decks are connected by a glass corridor outside, which extends over the front panel. The villa bridges offers homeowners a comfortable atmosphere to practice interior design.

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The Bridge House - a practical design solution

The Bridge House - a practical design solution

The Bridge House - a practical design solution

The Bridge House - a practical design solution

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