While in a "K" – Beach House Ashton McDougall of Australia

While the form "K" - Beach House Ashton McDougall of Australia

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This vacation home on the beach Ashton Raggatt McDougall was designed by the architects of Australia. The design of the house is characterized by a special icon. The whole house is design like the letter "K" was coined. Therefore, it is also known as K-house. 'Built for a family whose name begins with the same letter beginnt.Der place is very large and open, but it looks very minimalist exterior. On the ground floor, you can set an outdoor living space that can be covered and used in all weather conditions. Outside the living area is a large garage. The ground floor houses a soundproof home theater, two bedrooms, a bathroom, a cellar and storage.

Innovative Design House Beach House

beach house

This home features a modern kitchen with cabinets and pantry and a sliding door solid very fresh and the centerpiece - a single high from floor to ceiling, red K-shaped plate that can accommodate more than 5000 books. It can not be? A library of a dream for lovers of books. Of course, the support in the form of K is the special element that wraps the uniqueness of the place. But a shelf in this form, it is really something new and original. I really have not seen anything yet, but it's - it's just incredibly smart idea.

Form K-Shelf-Red in a beach house


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This modern and unique beach house is a beautiful work of art. If you look from the outside, then you can see how the place is amazing, from the inside, but it is even more beautiful. Created with modern aesthetics, this place is not just for people with money. E 'for people with money and style is not a combination that we see every day. A special design for a modern beach house, where every element and mobile suits his purpose and the absolute harmony between indoor and outdoor performances, deserves a round of applause.

This modern beach house away

While in a "K" - Beach House Ashton McDougall of Australia

While in a "K" - Beach House Ashton McDougall of Australia

While in a "K" - Beach House Ashton McDougall of Australia

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