How to set up your patio with stylish lounge furniture

garden lounge

The terrace is often referred to as the open-air lounge. The choice of the right garden furniture determine the atmosphere in this area. You want to make an area of ​​calm and relaxation or a space for barbecue evenings with a feeling of living? Various options are available here, if you configure your terrace with a lounge-style furniture. With the right colors and accessories that you can easily create the desired atmosphere.

Terrace with lounge style furniture and warm colors

Lounge Furniture

If you want to create a space for comfortable outdoor living, you clearly define the areas. Set., A fire bowl or basket near a fire and use warm colors like yellow, cream and orange for furniture to accentuate the warmth and visually Beach chairs with green cushions and tables wrought iron complete this beautiful shades and must be disposed in proximity to the fire. Dining table and wrought iron chairs would offer its customers the opportunity to enjoy dinner in the cool night air. Pillows striped red and yellow would add warmth and brightness. The use of iron lanterns and glass or paper lamps for additional lighting beautiful.

Terrace with lounge style furniture and a relaxing garden atmosphere

Poly rattan

Create a living space outdoor relaxation using soothing colors and natural materials create a Zen atmosphere. rattan lounge sitting furniture sets, chairs with high back, lots of pillows, coffee tables or simply a sunny island where you can read a book with her boyfriend or can a restful nap. Aqua, grass green and beige are cool colors that blend perfectly. A Buddhist statue and fountain promote a peaceful atmosphere. Large planters on either side of a sofa in the shape of "L" would be closer to nature. Bowls of water, floating candles and gray stones are perfect for table decorations.

Lounge atmosphere and festive mood


If you want to have a room where you can chat with your friends, you choose sets the biggest shows with 8-10 seats. Create a festive atmosphere with soft lighting and choose from a palette of complementary colors. If you get a chic, modern style with a touch of playfulness, the ball hanging chairs are a good choice. Place a silver, black and white carpet on the floor to create different zones. White sofas, coffee tables with glass top and a bar table with wheels are almost more functional additions.

How to set up your patio with stylish lounge furniture

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