3 Ideas for terrace design – here is your favorite look?

Design ideas

If you do not have a garden or backyard, then you will definitely have a patio or porch, is not it? This is precisely the terrace is one of the favorite places for adults and children during the summer. We give you 5 ideas to inspire terrace design in different looks - is their preferred style here? Create this small outdoor area with beautiful flowers and many colorful and fragrant evergreens and you find yourself spending more and more time. An area of ​​3 x 1.5 m is enough for your flowers, you can insert an elegant and tasteful and pleasant oasis of your vacation is already guaranteed.

Select the floor and furniture - ideas for patio design


Harmony is above the terrace, furnished in the style of the house. Just selected plants and chic accessories allow you to make and create a sophisticated style on the terrace the desired results. You can choose to design a patio and opt for a Mediterranean rural or romantic ideas among the three most popular style. A privacy fence in a certain color according to your desire or a proper flooring that enhance the sense of this or that style. If your patio or veranda offers panoramic, then you need to get comfortable garden furniture is sure to enjoy the view in peace and comfort as possible.

Ideas for the design of Mediterranean style patio

3 Ideas for terrace design - here is your favorite look?

If you are looking for design ideas patio, relax your senses and create a festive atmosphere, it is recommended that the Mediterranean style. For the Mediterranean-style terrace certain flowers and colors are typical, if not essential, if you feel that you are on the Mediterranean coast. So here is all roses / Bougainvillea / missing bougainvillea in pots. A small lime tree and summer flowers and ornamental plants are placed here just fantastic. It is preferred perennial pink and purple, these colors are typical of the Mediterranean-style garden design. Beware of flowers and plants that do not tolerate the cold, they can die in the winter outside. Find prefer perennials. In terracotta pots with geraniums, petunias and lavender surely grow very well. They fit perfectly with Dichondra Silver Falls / Silver Rain / with silver-gray leaves. The vibrant colors of your flowers look fierce on the white walls of background that protect the house from prying eyes. Attached here is a wooden floor on which the modern rattan furniture fit perfectly.

Ideas for patio design - rural idyll

3 Ideas for terrace design - here is your favorite look?

Who is fascinated by the charm of a rustic style, is probably very interesting ideas in this proposal. Designed in a garden in this style there is a large quantity of flowers stem grass (Miscanthus). In addition, there are the perennials roses - Phlox, hats, large slot. This is a great addition to the leaf zinnia a year and other ornamental plants that grow all around. Scattered throughout are also a couple of decorative handmade giving the atmosphere of personality and charm.

Ideas for patio design in bright colors

3 Ideas for terrace design - here is your favorite look?

We wish to avoid the ideas and light gray! Welcome to the colorful world of the garden! Bright yellow and orange flowering plants in combination with the blue painted wall and floor to improve your mood. Yellow Rudbeckia grows alongside other species of annual plants. In addition, there are plants, sunflowers and concerns about low growth. It 'nice to see the foot of purple flowers lark, with a dark green boxwood, cut in the shape of spheres and cones, flowers and grass stem at an angle to bring peace in this set saturated. The last line of this series is given by a bench painted orange.

A little 'romance with vines and white flowers

3 Ideas for terrace design - here is your favorite look?

Even if your patio is in the shade most of the day, you have to do without bright colors. The combination of pink and white gives the exterior a charm. Here blooming hydrangeas and the variety Astilbe (Astilbe) very well. And, of course, with green ivy leaves can be seen everywhere. Is not it romantic? Ho!

A festive air to the garden party

3 Ideas for terrace design - here is your favorite look?

Party with friends is one of the greatest pleasure of the summer. Just when you are away, organize your meetings with friends outside. The evening party look great, if your garden is decorated solemnly garlands of colored lights, with colorful lanterns and candles. Then you are sure to have a good atmosphere at the party. In such an atmosphere can be passed among friends truly unforgettable hours. We wish you much joy and pleasure in your garden or on your patio or porch or in your garden full of fragrant flowers!

Ceramic vases with attractive summer flowers

3 Ideas for terrace design - here is your favorite look?

Garden and Mediterranean-style terrace

3 Ideas for terrace design - here is your favorite look?

Romantic atmosphere with lanterns in the garden

3 Ideas for terrace design - here is your favorite look?

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