Creative Project – produce fire by simple means easy

Design Ideas

See some creative ideas at first glance, primitive and simple, but include a deep meaning and worth every one cares. Producing fire one of these useful ideas.

Making fire is not so complicated


With the stuff of science fiction Francis Faccin you can create a real fire. Idea takes the audience into the past, but the design is modern and original. The tools and processes are clear and visible to all. Anyone can quickly and easily obtain the means. The idea is based on the direction of production in the present. People should keep in mind your actual needs well. This project will create the same flame with his own hands. Produce fire on a primitive way.

They focus on age


The fire is considered a symbolic element that distinguishes humans from animals. The fire was discovered, not invented, as it has always existed in nature. People had to learn how to create it. Among these may be the designer inspired, when he began working on the project. The ability to overcome all difficulties and obstacles, it is fascinating. Previously, you have to fight for every little thing. Produce to the fire, it was me.

Creative Project - produce fire by simple means easy

Creative Project - produce fire by simple means easy

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