Interesting project for wall clock design from spandex and lycra


Dominika Brzostowska-Grodny is a student in Krakow, Poland, which focuses on industrial design and product. One of your projects is an interesting design of the wall clock that was designed in two versions. Your idea is to experiment with materials and lycra spandex and a minimalist design and useful wall decoration. Your portfolio will be published on the Behance platform online. Unfortunately, there is no information as to whether the project is actually realized in the future.

Wall clock design spandex - minimalist and useful

Wall Clock

The design is inspired by quotes from the philosopher Seneca Lucius Annaeus over time. "The time of life is divided into three periods: the first, when he was the one where he is and he will be. The time in which we live is, in short, we live in today, is questionable, and the one who survived - you. The fate heard everyone and is not in our power. "

The experience of time is relative and the creation of a framework raises perspective. Time has no frame. It is variable, expands and contracts I. It is subtle and undefined ... but leaves a trace.

Wall clock design - Project-Dominican Brzostowska Grodny


Interesting project for wall clock design from spandex and lycra

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