Three wheel drives modern "Eclipse", designed by Kenneth Cobonpue


Today, the rickshaw is still a popular means of transport for millions of people in Asia and South America. Rickshaw ride instead of a car is a very interesting initiative with a touch a bit 'exotic. The three-wheeled vehicle alternative is an attraction for tourists, especially in major cities and offer the opportunity to explore the sights and mysterious places in a non-traditional way. Given the fact that the cyclo most fans around the world enjoy the Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue shown as a hi-tech version should look like this. He designed the modern three-wheeled rickshaws called "Eclipse" was inspired by the aesthetics and form of bicycle spokes.

Rickshaw is inspired by a modern coach


The structural frame is made of aluminum and equipped with a casing of braided polyethylene recyclable. Its shape mimics the shape of a fairy tale carriage. Tyres, which determine the pattern of the image are covered by a single acrylic fabric. An additional feature is the design of the handlebar. The seat headrests and feel like leather, but they are another material handgehähten weather. Rickshaws modern "Eclipse" is different from the traditional rickshaw from their unexpected as an iPhone docking station, speakers, cup holders, electric fan and panels for privacy on both sides Luxusartilen offer more privacy. Meanwhile Award for Maison & Objet Asia Kenneth Cobonpue with the "Designer of the Year" in 2014.

It grows well done and attractive, inspired by bicycle spokes


Eco-friendly transport - the rickshaw modern "Eclipse" by Kenneth Cobonpue

Three wheel drives modern "Eclipse", designed by Kenneth Cobonpue

Trolley with an environmentally friendly design features and distinctive visual

Three wheel drives modern "Eclipse", designed by Kenneth Cobonpue

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