Beautify the apartment Selbstgenähtem – choose the sewing machine

Decoration ideas

Their own four walls to beautify it should not cost a lot of money. Who wants to be more creative and individual favorite parts automatically. When the stitching can be prepared in a relatively simple, even for beginners covers cushions and curtains, the individual elements are made so fast that corresponds to the device. But not in every home, there is a sewing machine. That starts by entertaining pastime, should pay attention to certain points to purchase such a device.

Select Requirements The right sewing machine


In general, we can say that the sewing machine must be easy to use. If the settings are complicated to implement, quickly lost the joy of sewing. In addition, the seams must be clean and must operate reliably. Especially when the machines are heavy fabrics sewn from which they are made curtains or upholstery, a simple device can be performed quickly limitations. The choice should be given to this great value. A look at before you buy, also, can not hurt. It is important that the instructions are written is not immediately understandable to the gun thrown into the grain problem.

Tips before buying a sewing machine

Beautify the apartment Selbstgenähtem - choose the sewing machine

When purchasing, it is important to seek adequate advance notice. He is wise enough to pack some remnants of fabric thick and thin, and then contact your dealer. The grass Closer and seamstresses must consider in advance what they want to sew mainly with the machine and inform the seller. Of course, the idea of ​​the passage of time can change, but the seller will know which are the minimum requirements must comply with the device.

Set up a sewing station

Beautify the apartment Selbstgenähtem - choose the sewing machine

At first glance, it is quite small, but it is useful to keep the weight of the sewing machine in mind. Who does not have a room for sewing or craft not 'let them put in place the necessary space in general. Thus, it is often necessary to be packaged and transported in the warehouse.

There is a corner of the living room, a sewing table in the form, it will be placed there. In a basket or on a shelf materials and tools are stored. Thus, Nähecke makes a professional impression, it is worth buying a dummy and set up there. Nähleidenschaft around and attack the first clothes are sewn, the unfinished pieces can be judged by the doll.

Beautify the apartment Selbstgenähtem - choose the sewing machine

The price plays an important role, of course. From € 50 sewing machines are available, but often have only basic functions. As, for example, in fabric or leather thicker reliably able to sew with them, clears the call with the dealer. Usually, there are some models in question, and which can now be tested. Now the pieces of fabric are used that have been worn. Beginners usually need a brief introduction, but they must also find their way on their own with the car, but then.

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