Design Ashtray "Fetish" by Joe Doucet – a fashion accessory

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An ashtray used in principle as a container for ashes and cigarette butts and cigars. It can be used as an accessory for the home. The new ashtray Design by Joe Doucet is the innovation in the production of ashtrays, and offers new opportunities as a keepsake for the home or in public places.

Design Ashtray - modern souvenir gold look


Most of the models have the ashtray on the edge of three or more wells, used to store lit cigarettes. The new design ashtray is a model with a standard form and has a smooth, flat surface. A space element elegant circular design is the lack of model of the cylindrical cavity around the bottom. The unique design ashtray is decorated with golden eyes, which gives it a particular look great. The accessory golden only has a shelf for cigarettes. According to the designers could most things that are fun, will lead to death. But you can enjoy "Fetish", as an ornament.

24 carat fun - Inglese ashtray design

Design Ashtray "Fetish" by Joe Doucet - a fashion accessory

The materials most commonly used for the manufacture of ashtrays are glass, plastic, metal and clay. , Are also used materials that we have silver, porcelain, marble and wood and gold ...? Of course, the ashtray by Joe Doucet is not real gold, just look sonern gold. The material is valuable and guarantees the stability of the equipment in use. The course design ashtray akzentiert awareness Schlich. It can also serve as an object of prestige, because you might think it was made of real gold.

Precious metals in the optical or in combination with simplicity and elegance

Design Ashtray "Fetish" by Joe Doucet - a fashion accessory

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Design Ashtray "Fetish" by Joe Doucet - a fashion accessory

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