Fresh harvest honey at home – Innovative beehive by Philips

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Beekeeping is still banned in many cities, but s' with this innovative solution that could change in the future successfully. Innovative hive by Phillips allows beekeepers to harvest fresh honey at home. It is designed with the idea of ​​a sustainable urban lifestyle is a new concept. This indoor hive is perfect for those who live in apartments with no backyards and gardens. This magnificent project allows us to have these creatures a fascinating insight into the world and can be used for the transfer of knowledge.

Hive inside Phillips


The design of the beehive is unconventional, visually appealing, and respects the natural behavior of bees, hive innovative Phillips consists of two parts. An input and flower pot outside the window hole, to which the device is connected, and a window with honeycomb inside. The ship teardrop is colored orange and transparent, so that the filtered light coming and you can watch the bees at work.

bees race at home - hive Phillips


The hive comes with a number of support disks inside, where the bees build their nests. By pressing a button smoke being blown into the hive so that the bees can be pacified before the glass cover is open. This is the traditional way to calm the bees. We are not sure that the innovative hive Phillips would be a success on the market, but there seems to be a simple and elegant way to contribute to the overall decline of bees.

Nest a number of bee inside

Fresh harvest honey at home - Innovative beehive by Philips

The concept of "hive" Phillips was introduced as part of their Microbial Home at the Dutch Design Week 2011 in Eindhoven project. The Microbial Home is an adventure in rethinking the ecosystem of the house. The collection consists of a kitchen that turns waste into methane, to provide electricity for the home.

Fresh honey in the house

Fresh harvest honey at home - Innovative beehive by Philips

Fresh harvest honey at home - Innovative beehive by Philips

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