Terraces design – concept Environment Hassel

Roof terrace

Hassell has introduced a new concept of eco environment for the design of roof terraces recently. The project was carried out with the help of researchers at the University of Melbourne. The University has conducted several years with success in the research programs of new green technologies that are applicable in Australia, par. The experts were recruited as a consultant and has worked with experts in the landscape.

Design roof terraces - functional concept


The design of terraces in Melbourne took place in several stages. The grass area is divided into three zones, each performs a specific function. The first area is accessible to visitors - where innovative technologies will be demonstrated and many events. A long, cozy wood garden bench offers enough seating for guests. E 'was built with recycled materials and painted in red box. The roof terrace has quickly become popular among the students - who often come here to relax or just quietly prepare their presentations.

Design of terraces, which are the benefits of green roof plane with her?

Terraces design - concept Environment Hassel

The second area is located just behind the bench in garden - flowers here, students and shrubs planted. There, above all the experiments are carried out and tested new technologies. It discusses, among other things, the quality of rainwater, or the insulation properties of the green roof. Birds, insects and other small animals are attracted to the native flowers. A small garden pond has been specially designed so that the animals at ease. The ultimate goal is clear - the researchers are trying to make an ecosystem and to promote environmental awareness of the population. Eco-design of terraces Hassel is also an excellent example of how green building is becoming more and more standard.

Rooftop Melbourne - planted with native plant species

Terraces design - concept Environment Hassel

Garden Umfreundlichem concept garden bench is constructed from recycled wood

Terraces design - concept Environment Hassel

Flowers attract native birds and insects

Terraces design - concept Environment Hassel

The project must promote environmental awareness and to test new technologies

Terraces design - concept Environment Hassel

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